Get early access to our newest features and products. Join the beta list today.

Get early access to our newest features and products. Join the beta list today.

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Our Innovative Platform built to empower your Cloud Team with Intelligent Remediation

Pioneering the world of self-healing, self-aware, self-sustaining, self-resilient, self-secure and intelligent remediation, MatosSphere brings a complete security and governance solution for your cloud infra.

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Your workloads may be ready for self healing, but is your infrastructure? Can you trust your cloud solutions to recover from disaster and keep your applications running smoothly? With MatosSphere, you can.

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Intelligent Remediation

Deep insights, infra as code, network policies, IAM and AD integrations, monitoring, logging and tracing. These are the tools used by our intelligent remediation engine to fix policy and governance issues with your infra. Trust on autopilot.

Self Healing Cloud Infrastructure

With large sets of data and a well thought out design, our SaaS solution provides you best in class tools to set the complaint architecture you want, with relatively small efforts.

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What Makes Us Unique

Leverage your team with tools to reduce wasteful spending

reducing complexity
Reducing complexity in cloud management

We bring the APIs of popular cloud providers to a simple integrated platform which lets you manage everything from a single solution


We leverage Influx DB to store historical data for your environments. Allowing you to quickly inspect/review past and present data

observability and remediation
Deep Observability and Intelligent Remediation

MatosSphere includes tools to help you both observe your complex environment and remediate common problems from a single solution

multi-tool deployment
Multi-Tool Deployment Management

Deploy module allows you to quickly deploy cloud infra using a git repo, with familiar tools such as terraform, ansible and helm


Explore the Platform

Observability and Remediation tailored into a Single Platform. Finally, the wait is over!

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Use Cases

A cloud admin is dealing with a recurring bug, when certain applications are deployed, they will randomly shut down within 1 full day. The rest of the infrastructure is fine and this only occurs during off-hours.

To deal with this bug, the admin could set up policies that ensure if there are shutdowns detected, the infra will auto-remediate by taking any action possible to bring it back to its last working state, it allows the cloud administrator to focus on the cause of the problem while maintaining up-time.

A company is supporting production multi-tenant applications across several teams and projects. The applications are designed to be short-lived on-demand VMs. During deployment, the cloud admin sets limits on scaling, thresholds for disk and network, and other options. Once connected, the system keeps an eye on everything.

If disks are full, it scales the disks. If VMs are unresponsive, it spins up new nodes. Auto-scaling exceeds defined limits, the system scales it back. If the infra no longer matches the defined Infrastructure as code, the auto-remediation executes the code to bring it back to the correct state. This allows a cloud admin to provide SLAs at scale across their environments.

You are an DevOps admin, with multiple accounts/platforms to manage. Your co-worker requests a GKE cluster with a wordpress deployment on it. You must now write this infrastructure as code for your co-worker, you must ask them details such as scaling and security and performance, you must maintain it.

With our platform, you can create a template for your co-worker, provide a self-service portal where your co-worker can add the details themselves, and deploy their own application, watch its progress and deployment, and manage details about its lifecycle. With this workflow, the admin can also add in components important to them such as log exporters and busybox binaries, without having to repeat the process each time!

Customer is making their first steps into the cloud journey. Their environment is mostly on one cloud but they want to add another cloud in their environment for redundancy purpose.

Our tool allows them to build and leverage multi-cloud environments, implement infrastructure as code and monitor the entire platform in valuable views of the data. With Observe, we provide the ability to view your workloads from application, cloud, and infra views, as well as event logging in the monitoring view. Deploy allows them to worry less about learning to use a cloud provider, and less time repeating deployments. They can leverage tools they are already familiar with and implement a GitOps workflow for managing their application and infrastructure workloads. This makes a lot of the complexities around cloud migration/adoption much more tenable.

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Meet the Team

Maulik Shyani


Jason Pfeifer


Edward Sarker

Head of Cloud

Ajay Abhyankar

Sr. Director Engineering

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