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MatosSphere has been instrumental for our cloud security. Not only they identified issues in our AWS but shared remediations as well for AWS and CloudFormation. Highly recommend it.

Tom Albert

Sr. Director, IT Infrastructure and Security, CredFlow

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MatosSphere is more than just a cloud security solution. It mapped our cloud and IAC resources with SOC2, HIPAA, NIST and PCI controls to achieve conformity with required standards.

Deen Adams

CTO, CloudMyLab

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Automating your cloud compliance and security with continuous auditing and actionable remediations

Building on its vast experience, MatosSphere is leading the world of cloud security risk management by enforcing security best practices across multi-cloud environments. With fully integrated workflows, actionable remediations, and prebuilt tools to help your compliance and security, there has never been a better time to try MatosSphere!

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Shift-Left security and IaC scanning

In reality, IaC is constantly changing to support new requirements or as part of regular maintenance. The build-in checks ensure infrastructure configurations are secure and adhere to best practices and compliance standards. MatosSphere identifies misconfigurations and provides the solutions fixes them directly within developer workflows. Each time infrastructure is built, the system detects, identifies, and helps to resolve IaC issues productively during the development cycle.

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Continuous deployment-scanning

Ensuring every step of your developer pipelines are secure, Matossphere provides continuous scanning and reporting of your code. We allow your developer teams to utilize our tools within their developer workflows, further reducing effort and time to remediation.

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Thorough cloud auditing and Comprehensive Reporting

Detecting and remediating issues in a cloud environment can be more challenging than in traditional IT systems. We audit all three major cloud service provider environments with thorough checks and greater coverage of assets. MatosSphere continuously assesses, identifies, and evaluates security threats, helps respond promptly, and reduces the mean time to respond (MTTR).

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Open integration with platform APIs

Engineers like to work less, automation makes this possible. With our open integrations with REST APIs and ability to utilize our platform from anywhere, you can automate your CI/CD, and incident/risk management processes to leverage all the advanced features of Matossphere. Our platform is SOAR-friendly.

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What Makes Us Unique

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Explore the Solution

Cloud Security and compliance tailored into a Single Platform. Finally, the wait is over!

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MatosSphere Resources

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Data Protection and Privacy - Secure data to comply with the standards
site resource 2
Identity and Access Management(IAM) Challenges - Ensure rigorous access rights, strong credential policies and multi-factor authentication
site resource 3
Cloud Configuration and Compliance - Defend your cloud against the risk of misconfiguration