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$ 0 / mo

For upto 100 resources

Single user account

Multi tenant environment

1 Cloud Infrastructure Project

100 resources

Audit once

1 IaC Projects

Notification: PDF reports by email

Access & data retention: Additional 1 month


$ 399 / mo

For upto 2,000 resources

Single user account

Multi tenant environment

20 Cloud Infrastructure Projects

2,000 resources

Audit once in a week

50 IaC Projects

Notification: PDF reports by email

Access & data retention: Additional 3 months


$ 1,499 / mo

For upto 5,000 resources

Multi user accounts

Dedicated cluster environment

50 Cloud Infrastructure Projects

5,000 resources

Daily audit

100 IaC Projects

Notification: PDF reports by email

Integration with Issue Management Systems - JIRA & ServiceNow

Integration with Communication and Collaboration Systems - Slack & Microsoft Teams

Integration with Security Management Systems - Google Cloud Security Command Center, AWS Security Hub & Microsoft Defender

Integrations: Public APIs for integration

Access & data retention: Additional 3 months

What are Cloud Resources?

Resources are all underlying available cloud platform services and tools for e.g. Organization or accounts, Organization Units, Projects, VPC, Compute Engine, Databases, functions et al across all supported cloud platforms.

Explain Intelligent Remediation?

Single click manually approved or configured auto resolution of any configuration anomalies or policy violation drifts applicable to all controlled underlying infrastructure.

Remediation follows detection of the anomalies and drifts based on data collected using deep observability features.

What is the need for a Prebuild Landing Zone?

Prebuild landing zone is a generic or customized standards compliant landing zone setup from ground up on a chosen cloud platform for an account using an IaC template from the repository.

Landing Zone includes organization, administrative accounts setup with basic cloud resources like VPC’s, Subnets and governing policies.

What are IaC repos?

IaC repos are account owned repositories setup on known source code management and version control solutions (for e.g github) that have infrastructure as code validated and ready for execution.

These repositories are managed by account owners and access is limited to account users.

What is Security Compliance?

Security compliance is ensuring compliance of industry standard governance or predefined specific organization governance practices during build and runtime as well as whenever any updates are done to any of the underlying cloud resources.

Additional governance can also be established using a predefined set of policies on top of existing repository template policies at the time of onboarding an account or application.

Elaborate on API Access?

Limited relevant API’s exposed for integrations with in-house dashboard and governance tools for accounts.