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What are the challenges?

  • Security teams must find out how to grow security at the rate and volume of releases as businesses adopt contemporary development practices. Usually, coders outnumber security team members. It is not possible to do security testing while interacting with each developer.

  • Additionally, security teams do not want bottlenecks to slow down procedures.

  • The security and development teams must collaborate. Security will not be able to achieve the visibility and control necessary to lower risk if it is not given the ability to distribute security solutions and establish security guidelines for developers to follow.

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How can MatosSphere help?

MatosSphere identifies misconfigurations and provides the solutions that fixes them directly within developer workflows. Each time infrastructure is built, the system detects, identifies, and helps to resolve IaC issues productively during the development cycle.

Be an Enforcer

Early risk elimination is the key to an effective security policy. It is less probable that security issues will surface later in the delivery pipeline if deployments are tested for security problems from the beginning of development. Using API toolkits to enforce policy during the continuous integration process is often recommended.

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